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In order to make a monthly subscription:

1) Choose the amount you would like to donate and select: “Activate recurring donation”. If you do not see the amount you would like to donate, please contact us at or +34 619 26 17 73 (Yogeshvari).

2) Choose at the top: VIEW CART, verify that the amount donated is correct and select: FINISH SHOPPING.

3) Enter your data and select at the end “Activate recurring donation”.

You will see that a message appears informing you that your card number will be saved by the bank in order to process your donation every month. It is a totally secure system managed by Redsys and Caixabank.

4) It will take you to the payment gateway where you will enter your card information securely.

5) Each month, without having to make any management, your donation will be charged to your account.

Thank you very much for your monthly donation!

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