Teaching with Swami Satyananda Saraswati

“When I contemplate Surya, I contemplate my own essence. When I contemplate my own essence, I contemplate Surya. ”

“A ‘luminous mind’ means: a subtle and purified intellect that can delve into the immense space of the heart, the space of Surya.”

“There is a powerful medicine for when you feel tamasic: get up early, practice surya namaskar, repeat the names of Surya. The Great Astro takes care of us and gives us life. ”

“The solstice is celebrated together with the kula, the physical or spiritual family. A new sacred cycle begins and another ends. The family is the heart of Indo-European society. “

“Where are the values ​​transmitted but in the sacred nucleus of the family? Have children, thank the ancestors for being born and for being part of an ancient lineage in which eternal values ​​are transmitted. ”

“The most beautiful thing in this cosmos cannot be understood. The solar intellect is the one that can recognize the Real, beyond all notion. Without this important step, the result of grace, we only sail in a sea of ​​concepts and theories. ”

“Meditate, contemplate, go inside yourself, go deeper, don’t be distracted. If you have a purpose, hurry up. Who knows if we will have enough health or a body in the next cycle! ”

‘’May my conduct on this wheel of dharma always be impeccable. May the secret knowledge of my identity with Surya awaken in me.”

“Search in the heart of man and you will find the Sun.” (old Indo-European saying).

Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Winter Solstice Celebration 2019 at Kailas Ashram.